"Safety First"

Safety is on the forefront of all our minds. Transporting our communities’ school children is a privilege and a responsibility we take very seriously.
— Jenna Dardis, Manager, Benjamin Bus

Our primary goal at Benjamin bus is the safe transportation of our community's school children. They are our number one customer.  We work closely with school districts in planning and designing the safest bus routes and stops.  Our goal is to do everything we can to provide your students with a safe, dependable bus ride to and from school.

Before any departure, we require our school bus drivers to perform a pre-trip safety inspection to ensure the safety of our student passengers.  If problems are identified, they are corrected by our highly trained maintenance staff prior to departure.  All repairs and preventative maintenance are provided by our expert mechanics using first rate equipment and facilities.

Our staff is committed to educating the children who ride our buses in school bus safety.  we have created many school bus safety programs and activities to help make students aware of the importance of bus safety and proper behavior on the school bus.